About Us

New Horizons, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has three divisions – New Horizons Village, Cherry Brook Health Care Center, and New Horizons Middlebury. Our organization provides a continuum of care that includes housing and support services for people with physical disabilities as well as rehabilitation and inpatient nursing home care. Our community provides an environment of support in order to promote resident’s individual growth, self-determination, and the ability to reach their greatest potential. We are shaped by the population we serve. Over half of our Board of Directors is comprised of people who have physical disabilities.

New Horizons, Inc. Board of Directors

  • Board Officers
  • Gary Gross, Chairman
  • Christopher Girard, Vice Chairman
  • Robert Nevers, Secretary
  • Daniel Hincks, Treasuer
  • Board Members
  • Kristin Bojanowski
  • Eric Daniels
  • Virginia Gallo
  • Michael Jennings
  • Patricia Kinney
  • Robert Maher
  • Marissa McDougal
  • Kathleen Michaud
  • Paul Mikkelson
  • Carmen Myers
  • Ann Schaefer-Reid
  • Board Members Emeritus
  • Stephanie Brucker
  • Thomas McNulty

Executive Management

  • Carol A. Fitzgerald
  • Chief Executive Officer 

  • Christine Murray
  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Carol A. Kirkwood
  • New Horizons Village
  • Manager

  • John Zazzaro
  • Cherry Brook Health Care Center
  • Administrator

  • Maria Swan
  • Human Resources
  • Manager

  • Caterina Griffith
  • New Horizons, Inc.
  • Executive Assistant